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CELBAN Grammar Essentials: Punctuation Paperback – Sept. 20 2021

by Kim Kara M.Ed. (Author)

NEW RELEASE: September 2021

Are you an Internationally Educated Nurse preparing for the CELBAN?

  • Have you been struggling to get the required score on the CELBAN?

  • Have you gotten your results from the CELBAN telling you that you have a weakness with punctuation and/or sentence structure?

  • Are you looking for an affordable solution?

The CELBAN Grammar Essentials series was created to provide IENs intensive CELBAN material so that you can integrate the feedback you have received from the exam and learn the skills so that you can increase your score.

What You Will Learn

  • How to correctly identify independent and dependent clauses.

  • How to correctly use conjunctions and their associated punctuation.

  • How to correct comma splits, fused sentences, and more.

NOTE: All of the examples come from Internationally Educated Health Professionals like you!

What You Get

This book comes complete with lessons and learning activities.

  • Part I: Understand the terms and definitions related to nouns and articles.

  • Part II: Learn how to use a troubleshooting triage so that you can identify and self-correct, which is an advanced skill every IEN MUST have to pass the CELBAN.

Best results happen for IENs who use the CELBAN Grammar Essentials series as a companion to the CELBAN Writing Preparation Guide.

Two Parts to this Book

1. The lessons and assignments in the textbook, and

2. Videos to supplement the textbook available to OPEN students who subscribe to CELBANPrep University (in the Video Library).

BONUS: You also get a pre-test and a post-test to evaluate how you are doing. Both Questions and answers are provided.

NOTE: All of the examples come from Internationally Educated Health Professionals like you!

Two Ways to Use this Book

  • As a SELF-STUDY, or

  • As a textbook during an Online CELBAN course offered through CELBANPrep University.

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NOTE: A book like this costs more than $15 USD to print and distribute, which does not cover the costs of writing, editing, graphic design and layout.(Prices subject to change.)

Are You Ready?

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