Need Help Passing CELBAN Writing?

Take this Quick Quiz


  1. Take the Quiz. Pause the video when you need to have more time.

  2. Use a scale from 1-10 (where 10 is the highest) so that you know how well you Can-Do each skill.

  3. Figure out your score.

  4. Watch the video a second time. Pay attention to which of the following are areas for improvement Interacting with Others, Getting Things Done, Understanding Information, and Understanding Instructions.

  5. Take a moment to pause and consider whether self-study or taking a course is best to prepare for CELBAN writing. Return to the Home Page to learn how CELBANPrep can help.

Length: 2 min. Taking this Quick Quiz will help you to know what skills to develop and integrate into your CELBAN writing task. When you write a letter to the editor there are many writing devices you can use. And there is something most people do not know or understand about the CELBAN when it comes to Interacting with Others.