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Introducing CELBANPrep University

CELBANPrep Writing began in 2009 in an employment centre with 6 Internationally Educated Nurses. Founder Kim Kara witnessed them struggle with figuring out what to write and how to write it. Some started immediately. Others spent so much time thinking they ran out of time. Others were scribbling to finish when time was up. Everything Kim has created is founded in that experience and her desire to teach IENs how to created written professional communications.

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The first step to exploring CELBANPrep University, the app-based virtual campus, is subscribe. It is through your subscription that you will learn how to use aspects of the app, receive notifications, explore the campus calendar, receive gifts and more.


Once you have decided to take the next step, become an OPEN students with a subscription to CELBANPrep University. While there are many MasterClasses and skill training programs, the most important program that is available in the Learning Centre is the Grammar Essentials Video Library. What many IENs do not know it that this is the secret to getting the required score on the CELBAN: correct grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. And it takes time to master these skills.

All of this CELBAN preparation material is available through CELBANPrep University's app-based virtual campus.

Proudly Serving IENs since 2009!

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